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My website

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Why I made this website:

This site is based on 'relaxed fit development'

My progress

(will add picture and write-ups later... probably)

  • Created a Gatsby site using Gatsby starter
  • Created custom react components for templating blog entries and pages
  • Added tags for filtering posts
  • Added Tailwind CSS
  • Added Google Analytics
  • Created responsive navbar
  • Using Flexbox
  • Created markdown blog entry templating

Future goals

  • Build a React webapp for recommending movies and TV
  • Properly style and propogate the blog, tags, portfolio entries on the landing page
  • Actually 'finish' the blog posts I'm making for future reference
  • Improve the style of the site once I'm happy with the functionality


(jk no one asks) Do you think people will actually visit your site?

  • No, this is purely for myself. If someone else finds something useful on here, all the better.

Do you recommend Gatsby or Tailwind?

  • Gatsby 100% yes. Amazingly fast, well documented and simple once you get your head wrapped around all the GraphQL mechanics.
    • Update: I recommend Gatsby less now than I did 3 years ago.
  • Tailwind, I'm still getting used to, but I think yes also.

When do you work on this?

  • A couple hours on the weekend. It's nice to produce some code outside of work for my own benefit.