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Everything I use

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macOS 💻

Applications I use and like on my Macbook. Some are Apple only, lots are cross-platform. I try to stay away from Apple services like iCloud.

Check out this playlist for other application suggestions

Text-editors and terminals

See my post about my note-management solution for more details

Media and files

  • Dropbox: don't use it as much anymore, but still handy
  • IINA: solid media player with more polish than VLC
  • Handbrake: for converting video files
  • PopcornTime: for those movies you can't find on Netlix or Disney+... (use a VPN)
  • Syncplay: for watching local movie files with friends remotely (without lag or bandwidth issues)
  • Syncthing: amazing custom syncing between devices (I use it with my Zettlr notes and for moving things from my phone to my laptop)
  • Transmission: my favourite bittorrent client
  • Videostream: for casting local files from your computer to the chromecast


  • AppZapper or AppTrap: great utilities for removing all files from uninstalled applications permanently
  • BetterSnapTool: for customizing window-snapping and gestures (can't remember if paid or free). There are lots of apps like it now
  • Fantastical: Probably the most powerful calendar app out there. Don't use it anymore since they moved to subscriptions, but worth mentioning if you want something like this
  • f.lux: for controlling blue light
  • Unclutter: great little utility for keeping jot notes, hiding files away temporarily and accessing your clipboard
  • Pushbullet: ultilty/ extension for sending notes and links between devices
  • Stuffit Expander or The Unarchiver: for expanding compressed files


Phone 📲

I have the OnePlus 6 and really love it

Favourite Android apps:

I use Google opinion rewards to earn Google Play credits to pay for paid apps.


Automation setups
(will probably upload tasker profiles here later)

  • Sleep timer: for when I want to set my phone up for bed-time
    1. dim screen to minimum
    2. set volume to medium
    3. open spoitfy to rain playlist
    4. play on shuffle,
    5. set sleep timer to 30mins
    6. open alarm clock app
  • Download reddit: for when I want my offline reddit client refreshed without wasting time
    1. Open Offline reddit app
    2. Swipe to open side-bar
    3. Scroll down to bottom
    4. Click "subreddits" button
    5. Pull down to intiate download
  • Workout: for when I want to get my phone ready for a workout
    1. Open podcast app
    2. Select gym music
    3. Play
    4. Open clock app
    5. Swipe right to timer
    6. Input 10.00 minutes (my first interval)
    7. Toggle split-screen to 'On'
    8. Open Google sheets shortcut to workout spreadsheet

Google home routines:

  • Eugenes dinnertime song @4:30pm (button and voice command): plays the dinner time song for Eugene so he knows it's time to eat (and doesn't bother us for dinner until then)
  • Turn On/Off the TV (button and voice command): for turning the TV on and off via a WeMo

Desk setup 💻

Chair: Herman Miller Aeron

Desk: Anthrodesk Programmable Dual Motor

Monitor arm: Jarvis Monitor Arm

Mechanical Keyboard: Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Rapid (CHERRY MX Red Switches)

Mouse: Razer Deathadder 3500(had this forever)

Dreams for the future...

  • ultrawide monitor
  • Macbook pro (202x)

Media server 📺

What I currently use for my home media server


I use a Raspberry Pi left-over from my first year web development college course, and an old 1TB harddrive from Western Digital as a NAS. Otherwise, just a strong internet connection and a Chromecast makes wirelessly managing my media library and creating a 'personal' Netflix super simple and easy.


I have Plex Media server installed on the Raspberry Pi, and the Plex app downloaded on my phone, PC and Macbook. I use Solid Explorer (paid app) to manage downloads and copy files from my phone to my media server when convenient.

Plans for the future

  • Sonarr
  • Radarr
  • Jackett
  • Synology NAS (or homemade alternative)

Editors + Terminal 📄

What I use to code:

What I use for note-taking:

  • Zettlr: Best cross-platform markdown editor for all my notes

Networking 📡

My home network setup

Router can't be near TV or PC so I use a Powerline adapter for more consistent connection to the Nintendo Switch and the PC. Then I use a little Ethernet switch to split up the powerline connection and give more priority to whichever device I'm currently using.

Planned additions to this page:

  • Windows only applications
  • pictures of my favourites